Your face and nudity are protected from Google Street View

One of the core promises Google has made about its new Street View service is that individual identities are protected, with faces blurred and compromising details removed. If you're unconvinced, here's some evidence of sorts: a shot near Kings Cross station in Sydney featuring a completely blurred man with no shirt on. His conversational partner isn't quite so anonymous (though not easily identified), but topless sunbathers clearly have nothing to fear. [Thanks Kaan!]


    It is too bad the Google Street View resolution down under does not match the French Google Street View data. You can even see people through their windows in France:


    Love it ! Just love it.

    I think people are getting a bit to worked up over Google Street view and it really annoys me how all the news shows eg 60 minutes are creating fear around it,I really don't see what the big deal is.
    My friends and family have already been using it to show everyone where they used to live, its been great fun.

    Checkout ->,147.997224&panoid=xeMAnlkGS5P4tmeQiNMQug&cbp=1,297.91082930150606,,0,24.801411195735827&ll=-37.868857,147.998264&spn=0.01201,0.019312&z=16

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