Windows XP Eee PC being sold off for $299


Having sold off the Linux model of the original Eee PC earlier in the year at bargain prices, Catch Of The Day has now improbably got the Windows XP model on sale for an even lower $299 (plus postage, though PayPal buyers get that for free as well). While for stability and performance we think the Linux version is a better choice, the XP box does have some advantages — ability to access Next G is the first one that springs to mind. This is only listed as a 24-hour deal, though previous Eee offers on the site have tended to recur, and the “limit of 10 per customer” suggests there isn’t a massive shortage of stock. [Catch Of The Day]


  • Just ordered one of these from my Mum. She just came back from Europe and complained she needed a laptop. There was wifi everywhre – but no internet cafes. Can’t wait to have aplay with this first before I hand it over.

  • So the Linux version of the Eee 701 sold out quickly and was hard to get hold of, but the Windows XP version is overstocked and heavily discounted now. Hmmm….

  • I bought an ASUS EEE from one of the earlier ‘Catch Of The Day’ offers for more money and with the Linux derivative on board.

    Good fun for a small price – I’m still finding my way around with Terminal mode and all the joys of installing software.

    This offer with XP loaded is very attractive (OK, I’ve bought one). I’ll probably want to swap over the RAM for a bigger stick – then I’ll let the kids at it… or my wife… Nah! Maybe I’ll keep it to myself.

    As has been noted before, buyers of these toys have generally NOT been looking to replace a larger/more powerful notebook. I certainly avoided notebooks myself – but there is plenty that I can do with an EEE that I’d not want to do on either a notebook or another category of handheld device.


  • Don’t get sucked in to making a rush decision.

    Harvey Normal is selling the 7 inch model for $297 as well, whenever you care to make your mind up whether it be within 24 hours or not.

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