Wi-Fi usage can cost on your iPhone

Wi-Fi usage can cost on your iPhone

iPhone3G.jpgAs if it wasn’t hard enough trying to pick an iPhone data plan, now there’s something else you need to watch out for: thinking that you’re connected for free via Wi-Fi at home, but then discovering that you’re actually using 3G (and being charged accordingly). Danny Gorog at APC rounded up a selection of complaints from users at Whirlpool who all got nasty shocks when the first bill has come in. Have you suffered any iPhone billing problems? Share your experiences in the comments.


  • No such problems here. I use Wi-Fi all the time at home, and 3G when I want when out and about. Last month I only consumed a small portion of my data quota.

  • Same deal for me here. I use wifi on the iphone at home and my traffic consistantly goes out via that coinnection. I tested this when I got the phone by dumping the traffic on my gateway. I have used practically none of my 3g quota and I browse over the 3g a lot. It takes serious effort to use a lot of data over 3g.

    I’d say a lot of these people have weak wifi reception that drops out or just have no idea what they are doing. I also experience none of these 3g dropouts that are reported.

    My iphone is far from perfect but one area it has been solid in is networking.

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