What would be acceptable in the mile-high Internet club?

When people contemplate Internet and telephone access on planes, the normal issues that get raised are the cost, and whether this will lead to an increase in noise levels as everyone makes “I’m on the plane” calls. An article at AVN (a very NSFW link) raises another issue which comes up less often but is equally hard to solve: should airline staff also be responsible for ensuring that passengers don’t access wildly inappropriate content such as porn movies while flying?
While it might be hard to imagine someone paying a fee for Internet access and then using that time to view some adult action, the near-universal recognition of the “mile high club” concept suggests it’s not totally out of the question. In fact, the problem already exists insofar as people can watch DVDs on their laptops when on board. Is it OK to watch Snakes On A Plane (in either version) during a flight?
In the absence of an industrial relations ruling, we’ll throw this one over to readers as a weekend contemplation issue. Should airline staff be authorised to tell people what sites they visit, or can we rely on the social contract? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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