What should you do for Privacy Awareness Week?

What should you do for Privacy Awareness Week?

No, I wasn’t aware that it was Privacy Awareness Week until this morning either, but this global initiative does seem like a good opportunity to make sure that you’re striking the right balance when it comes to your online (and offline) privacy. The Privacy Commissioner has long offered a handy 10-step guide to protecting your personal information. If your business has accidentally leaked other people’s information the newly-released Guide to Handling Personal Information Security Breaches might be a godsend. Here at Lifehacker, we’ve covered dozens of privacy protection tools and techniques, from keeping files on your own PC private to what to do when using public computers. (If you’re after some freebies, my current local library is giving away Privacy Awareness Week bookmarks which I’m guessing will also be on offer in other libraries and community centres.)


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