Use GROCERYchoice to cut shopping bills

Use GROCERYchoice to cut shopping bills

Basket price isn't everything, of course: for me, living without a car, proximity outweighs almost any price advantage. What factors would make you switch supermarkets? Let us know in the comments. [GroceryChoice via AustralianIT]


  • This is a sad waste of tim – what is in the baskets?? I have been using ALDI for a while and know the savings are significant brand loyalty is a thing of the past I’m afraid. Having said that I am on my second Dell laptop and seem to be still using Windows for some reason…. hmmm

  • To be completely honest this is one of the silliest wastes of money since the inception of the internet.

    I honestly think that the money and resources spent on this little venture could have been better placed into education or health.

    I would love to know how much the Rudd government set aside for this futile little website (which, may I add, looks like a four year old designed.)

  • Is it me or do the prices vary between postcodes by like a dollar or two… I checked 6000, 6030, 2000, 4000 and 5000.

    Who’d drive any further to save a dollar? Not me with how much petrol costs lately

  • why are Aldi prices not listed for any of the Sydney areas??? is this once again the virtual monopoly of the dominant supermarkets exerting influence over the information being displayed on this site? maybe the govt is not as squeeky clean as we all think……. (shock, horror)!!!

  • Sadly – what could have been useful is a complete waste of time and bandwidth. Any specifics as to named stores, named brands are completely missing. Even in my area which is relatively small (Adelaide Eastern suburbs) there are heaps of different supermarkets – many with quite different price regimes. So what do these tables mean? I don’t know. My s/mkt of choice (an indie)is definitely cheaper than Coles for my items of choice but that isn’t reflected by the findings (which only show a max few dollars differentiation anyway).

  • This apparently cost $13million and is less useful than the junkmail in my neighbour’s letter box.

    The website should come with a disclaimer:

    “Last month, we may or may not have visited some random supermarkets with 30 kilometres of your house. We may or may not have bought groceries. We’re not going to tell you what brands we bought and we’re not going to tell you if anything was on sale. Please relax in the knowledge that you are no less informed now than when you were when you visited this site the first time”.

  • It really is a bit of a waste of bandwidth. I would have much preferred to see actual specifics, ie how much 1kg of plain flour costs rather than a ‘cereals’ basket, which leaves room for large variations in price, eg if crumpets are half price at one supermarket, it may make the whole basket look cheaper, but that doesn’t help the shopper who is just looking for bread and Weet Bix.

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