UltraExplorer Manages Your Files On the Go

UltraExplorer Manages Your Files On the Go

Windows only: Windows Explorer alternative UltraExplorer offers dual pane and tabbed browsing, plus a handy “Drop Stack” staging area where you can drag files to temporarily park them, for easy batch operations. Command line lovers will like the Command Line box at the bottom of the UltraExplorer window; you can even set the command prompt to stay synced to whatever folder you are browsing. You can make UltraExplorer portable after its initial installation, too—copy the files from the /APPS/ directory in the installation folder to your USB drive to do so. For other file management options check out our Five Best Alternative File Managers. UltraExplorer is a free download for Windows only.


  • To replace explorer:
    1. Open registry editor
    2. Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Image file execution options
    3. Right click and add new key
    4. Go to the new key, name it explorer.exe
    5. Add a string value, named debugger.
    6. Change the value of debugger to “C:/Program files/UltraExplorer/UltraExplorer.exe %1”
    (If you installed it somewhere else, make sure you use your path.)
    This should work for most alternative file managers.

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