Track Your Time with LEGO Bricks

Track Your Time with LEGO Bricks

Software developer Michael Hunger wanted a better way to track the time he spends on various projects throughout the day, so he’s opted to use LEGO bricks (pictured) instead of software or time sheets. Each one-line LEGO track represents one day of the workweek, and different coloured bricks correspond to different projects. He stacks up a wall for each day to log where his time went or pre-plan the day. Hunger writes:

You can easily see how much work you did for any given project as you recognise the coloured areas rather than time ranges (8:45-11:15). Having the relative time shares as part of this setup helps as well.

He says that the fun of using his LEGO time tracker is a big advantage—we do use systems we enjoy using—but that co-workers coming to your place and disassembling your workweek is the one disadvantage.


  • Gotta hand it to him…he beat us to the Lego recognition software our time scientists have been working on..

    Now if they could only get that blasted waffle and syrup spreadsheet import right.

    Well done Michael!

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