This Week’s Best Posts

This week’s most popular posts include:

  • Top 10 computer alternatives to watching the Olympics
    “if (like me) major sporting events just aren’t that interesting (or your concerns about China’s human rights record are rising to the fore), here’s 10 cool and useful things to do with your PC while everyone else is obsessing over the medal count.”

  • Google Street View now live in Australia

    “Street View, Google’s useful/controversial feature with drive-by photography of streets in major cities, is now live in Australia after several months of (presumably) tedious filming.”
  • Forget the iPhone—The iPod Touch is Good Enough
    “Back in June 2007, I couldn’t convince my wife that checking my email in grocery lines was worth $1,320—the cost of an original iPhone and one year of the cheapest plan.”
  • How Dr. Horrible’s Felicia Day Gets Things Done
    “Whether she’s appearing on a prime time TV show, gracing the silver screen, or writing, producing, and starring in her own hit web series, there’s no shortage of things to keep actress and gamer Felicia Day busy.”
  • Microsoft’s Advice on How to Speed Up Vista
    “If your Vista PC isn’t as speedy as you’d like, straight from the horse’s mouth comes a 14-page PDF document on Vista Performance and Tuning.”
  • Five Best To-Do List Managers
    “If all the methodology of the best GTD applications loses you in the productivity shuffle, there’s nothing like a classic, simple to-do list to keep you on track.”
  • Philipp Lenssen’s Top Google Apps Tips
    “Author of the new O’Reilly book, Google Apps Hacks, Lenssen takes some time out of his busy schedule today to share some of his best tips for using Google Apps from Gmail to web search to Google Docs.”

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