Telstra reduces Next G broadband pricing

Telstra reduces Next G broadband pricing

Just weeks after changing the way it charges for Next G data access on mobile phones, Telstra has updated its pricing for wireless broadband services for PCs. The somewhat confusing set of previous plans (which included variants based on access speed, download limits and time spent online) have been replaced with four options: 400MB a month for $39.95, 1GB a month for $59.95, 3GB a month for $89.95, and 10GB a month for $129.95. Excess data is charged at $0.25 a megabyte.
While the prices (which take effect from August 24) are an improvement, they’re still rather more expensive than any other rival plans — the 1GB offering is more than twice the cost of some similar offerings. But as ever, with wireless broadband, service availability is vital, so if Next G’s the only game in your town, this should provide a little relief to the hip pocket nerve. (And we still wish there was a way to get Next G working on Linux machines, particularly the Eee PC.)


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