Task2Gather Organises and Stores Your Tasks Online

Web-based project manager Task2Gather organizes your to-do list online. Task2Gather's interface is spartan and uncluttered, and accomodates projects with sub-tasks. You can share projects and notes with other users to collaborate, as well as assign deadlines, colour code, and mark off progress. Although the interface is easy on the eyes and not hard to use once you create your first few projects, initial use may be a little awkward. When you create a new project or task, in order to rename it from New Project or New Task you have to click on the properties box in the middle of the interface to apply the name to it. Here's a screenshot:

While Remember the Milk remains our favourite personal to-do webapp, Task2Gather looks better suited for project management among a team of co-workers. Although Task2Gather does not currently have syncing with Windows Mobile or iPhones, there is a version for both in the works. Task2Gather is a free online task manager and plans to roll out a paid version with advanced features in the future.


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