StreetAdvisor adds Street View to neighbourhood ratings site

As millions of Australians waste time at work checking out everywhere they've lived on the newly launched Australia implementation of Google Maps' Street View, community rating site StreetAdvisor has wasted no time in adding the feature to its service. It's not immediately obvious, but if you locate a neighbourhood that StreetAdvisor has already rated and click on 'Browse Map', you'll get access to the Street View rendition alongside user comments on that area's pluses or minuses. [StreetAdvisor]


    SA had Street View last week (cause i was using it with some USA streets) ... so when google released Street View for downunder, last night/today, it must have just worked for Australia immediately or they quickly did some coding overnight :P


    Thanks for the quick update that has implemented StreetView. Actually, it is available for every street Google has photographed, not just the streets our community members have reviewed. Eg Sydney St, New Farm, Brisbane - see

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