Snag That Job Interview with a Video Resume

Snag That Job Interview with a Video Resume

Get an edge on that super-competitive job by creating a video resume instead of boring, templated dead-tree version. Student resource Education Portal claims that the video approach can get potential employers to want face time with you—as long as you still consider the basics for interview etiquette. Dress appropriately, keep it brief, practice your speech, and prepare by looking at other professional videos for encouragement and tips. Whatever you do, don’t do what this guy did. While video resumes are becoming more popular, they may not work for everyone; check with the human resources department of the company you’re applying for to make sure that your hard work isn’t going to waste. Photo by airgap.


  • The video CV does bring with it some challenges, as well as some opportunities. For the employer or recruiter, the video CV offers the chance to assess a candidate’s compatibility immediately, which leads to a faster and more streamlined selection process.

    And in any professional role, where presentation and communication ability are an integral part of the job, a video resume will quickly demonstrate a candidate’s strengths.

    However, this method of recruiting does have its downside: employers can see a candidate’s age, gender, race and appearance at the very first stage of an application, which may increase the risk of discrimination claims. But don’t forget the upside: candidates who may not be so impressive on paper can add some real oomph to their application with a video CV.

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