Sending your browser into the background on the BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerryKeyboardDetail.jpgOne of the best features of the built-in browser on the BlackBerry is its support for keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to navigate pages (space for Page Down), find information (F), open new pages (G) and access bookmarks (K) without needing to use the scroller. You can find a full list of the supported keyboard shortcuts on the new (and droolworthy) BlackBerry Bold by selecting 'Browser shortcuts' on the Help menu. One option that isn't mentioned on that list remains very useful: press the D key to send your browser into the background. Since I've equipped one of the BlackBerry's quick access keys to launch the browser, I regularly use this to allow easy copy-and-paste between browsers and the BlackBerry notepad. Hitting D returns me to the notepad; hitting the shortcut takes me back to the browser.


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