Scrabulous now totally gone from Facebook

ScrabulousBlockedSmall.jpg Looks like the legal action against Scrabulous by the owners of the Scrabble trademark has finally kicked in worldwide. I'd previously reported on how to work around the block for US players, but now accessing Scrabulous in Australia results in a "this application is not available to you" message. All references to the Facebook version have also been removed from the main Scrabulous site (where the game remains playable). If you want a Scrabble-style wordgame within Facebook itself, your options are the official version (which annoyingly doesn't let you play anyone in the States) or the Scrabulous successor Wordscraper. If there's other word games on Facebook you'd recommend for leisure and vocabulary extension, share them in the comments.


    that is so sad :( , how will I procrastinate now?

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