Nine Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Nine Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Personal finance writer Mary Hunt believes there are some things you should simply never pay full price for. Among them? Pets, cars, software and games.

Buy a purebred puppy from a breeder in California and you will spend at least $700, plus vet bills. Adopt a previously owned puppy from the animal shelter for about $175 including spay/neuter, vaccinations and fees. Savings? Oh, about 78 percent

I’ve had shelter and pure bred pets over the years and loved all of them equally. Hunt is also spot-on regarding video games and software.

Games for consoles like the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation can often be purchased used for half price. Ditto for popular software. Sure you will have to wait awhile after its release, but by then you will know for sure which game or program is a winner, and which are considered losers.

I’m about seven years behind the current cycle of consoles. While my friends look at me strangely when I talk about a game I just discovered that came out in 2001, I don’t enjoy the games any less than I would have then and I pay a fraction of the original retail cost now. How do you avoid paying full price for things? Share you money saving tips in the comments below. Photo by Jason Edward.


  • SHOP AROUND. A couple of weeks ago I went to EB Games looking for a game I wanted. Rainbow Six Vegas. It was $90. I went to GAME instead and I was surprised. Just $20. That’s a saving of $70. The same thing happened to me again last week when I found Colin McRae DIRT for $20 in Game as opposed to $90 in EB Games. Just goes to show that there are bargains everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

  • I don’t agree with how you are proposing to save money on puppies. When you go to a breeder you get to choose a healthy dog with a stable character and nervous system. When you adopt one you have no idea what happened to this dog and how it’s going to act with you and your family. As for me it’s better to pay an excessive price for pups that to adopt them but this is my personal opinion.

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