My Perfect reverse search helps pick the best goods

myperfect.jpg If you're planning on buying something expensive, a typical bout of online research starts with a Google search, a bunch of tabs and an eventual decision-making process. Aussie webapp My Perfect reverses the process, using a series of questions to guide you towards some possible candidates and then offering links where you can buy them. The approach wasn't foolproof when I tested it in the phone categories — partly because it ran out of options before getting answers to all the questions I'd want answered — but it definitely gave me some good ideas on the beer front. Currently the site offers searches for phones, cameras, beer and jobs; further categories are planned. [My Perfect via ZDNet Australia]


    Interesting concept. But it misses because there will always be compromises. It tries to get around them, but sometimes the crucial deal-breaker question is too far nested.

    What I would like is a way of changing the order of the questions, or maybe just providing them all in a list, where you can mark some as important for you and others are preferred features.

    For example, with the phones, I would like Bluetooth, and good battery life, but I really need a rugged phone (not one of the questions available as far as I can see).

    A bit hard to explain, I know.

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