MiniLyrics Automatically Fetches and Displays Lyrics for Your Media Player

Windows only: The MiniLyrics plug-in automatically downloads and displays lyrics for the currently playing song for a handful of the most popular media players. With support for everything from iTunes and Windows Media Player to Winamp and MediaMonkey, MiniLyrics fetches lyrics and—when possible—plays them back karaoke-style. The interface is completely skinnable, and you're likely to find a skin matching your preferred media player. You can also view floating lyrics in big red text for large, line-by-line playback of lyrics in time with the song. Not bad for a little impromptu karaoke or just a quick glance at the lyrics of a song. MiniLyrics is nagware, Windows only. For alternatives, check out previously mentioned EvilLyrics or the Lyrics Plugin.
Thanks Lekan!


    For Mac iTunes users there is GimmeSomeTune:

    Retrieves lyrics, artwork, can remap the Apple remote. Does Song notifications, can be used as a mini remote in the menubar and also utilises Last.FM. It also has iChat support.

    In short; It rocks more than minilyrics.

      Just checked out Gimmesometune and I was not impressed. I have not used minilyrics as I am not a windows user, but I have osd-lyrics (inspired by minilyrics & uses the same database plus others too) & its the best.
      May be osd-lyrics should port it to Mac OS X..

    Its cool :) I love to sing but was hard to match with lyrics. It displays lyrics of any song or only popular songs.

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