Microsoft’s Advice on How to Speed Up Vista

Microsoft’s Advice on How to Speed Up Vista

If your Vista PC isn’t as speedy as you’d like, straight from the horse’s mouth comes a 14-page PDF document on Vista Performance and Tuning. Microsoft’s suggestions include customising Vista’s power plan, sleeping the machine instead of shutting down, turning off search indexing in folders you don’t need it, disabling visual effects, using ReadyBoost to add extra memory with a thumb drive, and disabling unneeded startup programs and services. All of these tips are old hat to seasoned Windows tweakers, but this PDF is a nicely-laid out and detailed package you can easily email to your brother-in-law.


  • If you want to speed up vista, the easiest and best way to do is to upgrade your RAM to at least 2Gig. Make use of your harddisk’s free space as Virtual Memory. disable Aero theme, remove unnecessary startup items, run Auslogics boostspeed, regularly Defrag your harddisk, and instead of shutting down your laptop/pc, use hibernate.

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