Michael Dell on why tight times help your productivity

With an estimated personal fortune of $US17 billion or so, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell probably doesn't need to do a lot of personal budget balancing. But that doesn't mean he doesn't recognise the fiscal benefits of getting organised, as he emphasised while speaking at a Dell launch in India this week:

When companies or economies are under cost pressure, one of the things that tends to happen is that people look for ways to become more productive.

Dell's immediate emphasis in this area was on PCs that can boot faster and run more efficiently, which is certainly something I can relate to (rebooting my soon-to-get-the-toss current notebook is a 10-minute-plus process). But there's lots of ways you can improve your PC productivity to save money (or earn more of it). What tactics have worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    10 minutes!? Have you tried Startup Delayer?

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