Make Firefox 3's Bookmarks Available to Launchy and Quicksilver

Firefox 3 doesn't store your bookmarks in the plain old HTML file that Firefox 2 did, so desktop launchers like Quicksilver and Launchy can't index them properly. But the HackCollege blog has a solution: a Firefox 3 about:config tweak that makes Firefox automatically export your bookmarks to a file. Change the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML value from false to true to get a bookmarks.html file saved to your Firefox profile directory each time you shut down your browser.

Not only does this config tweak provide a nice automatic bookmark backup, it also makes your links accessible to application launchers like Quicksilver and Launchy for quick launching from the desktop.



    Why does the newly created file "bookmarks.html" contains only the empty/default bookmark file (that contains only "Getting Started", Lastest Headline,s help, about us, etc)
    BUT does not contain all my bookmarks ?

    Why ?

    Thanks for any help,

    This was amazingly handy! Thanks!

    One issue: I can't get Launchy to recognize my keyword bookmarks, which I use even more than regular bookmarks. Once I add a space after the keyword, it won't recognize it. Any ideas?

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