Make an iPhone Ringtone with iTunes in Windows

Make an iPhone Ringtone with iTunes in Windows

We’ve shown you how you can turn your (non-DRM-protected) music collection into custom iPhone ringtones using GarageBand and iTunes on a Mac, but the CyberNet tech site’s made it easy for those with just a copy of iTunes for Windows to hack together their own tones. The basic trick is to single out a short section of a song in iTunes, export it to a non-protected AAC/M4A format, then do a quick file extension switch and re-upload it to iTunes. CyberNet details the process in greater detail, of course, and it’s a nice fix for those who don’t want to edit waveform files just to rock out to 20 seconds of “London Calling.”


  • I just use iRinger – simple, single EXE that I can use anywhere on any MP3 file. It can also import audio from a video file.

    So long as you’re happy to ignore the nag screen, this is a pretty good choice which may be easier for some.

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