[email protected] Monitors Your Network

Look@Lan Monitors Your Network

Windows only: User-friendly network monitoring utility [email protected] quickly displays information about your local network such as the percentage of machines online and the operating systems installed on them. With automatic network configuration detection and a quick start wizard, you can be up and running seconds after installing the program. [email protected] has audio notification of changes to the network and you can configure it to send email notifications about changes as well. [email protected] can limit scan ranges based on IP address, network adaptor, or port types; it comes with ping, traceroute, and a tree-based network viewer built in. Here’s what some of [email protected]’s graphs look like.

[email protected] is a free download for Windows only.


  • I have installed [email protected] onto my computer using vista . It works beautifully the first time . When I come to use it in another session , it scans but the report is blank. Each time I have to uninstall and reinstall. Suspect it may be another vista issue. Most of my pc issues are traced back to vista eventually (it came with the machine unfortunately …. I dread new MS systems , they seem to launch first and alpha test on the population) . Does anyone have experience with this [email protected] problem? I am converting to mac and would love to know if there is a mac alternative to this software?

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