Lifehacker AU gets a new look

Lifehacker AU gets a new look

As you can no doubt see, Lifehacker has been given a bit of a facelift, with a new more streamlined design (it’s the same basic concept recently rolled out on our sibling site Gizmodo) You’ll notice slightly less ‘shouty’ tags under the stories. Australian entries are still marked with a local flag, but now it’s more visible. Particularly useful for Lifehacker readers on the go is the fully functional mobile feed at, which gives you a stripped-down version perfect for use on mobile phones and handheld devices, where space and bandwidth are at a premium. Let us know what you think of the new look (and if you encounter any bugs — life’s rarely perfect!) in the comments.


  • The mobile version loads quickly, but on an iphone at least the text starts way too small and you need to pan and scan to read anything. So it’s not actually that much more useful than the full version (it just loads faster!)

  • Thanks for the feedback. I actually find a lot of sites impossible to read without zoom on a iPhone/iPod touch, but hopefully there’s a way of coding the text to be larger (without it being ridiculous on other mobile platforms). WIll look into it.

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