iPhone comparison calculator gets speed update

The Australian iPhone Plan Comparison Calculator which we mentioned last week has proved to be quite a hit — so much so that developer Andrew Parry has made a few tweaks. As he explained in an email to Lifehacker:

Based on the feedback I made a couple of changes There are now two versions, a Top 10 and a Complete ( the top 10 version is set as the front page). The reason for the change is that if I only compare the top 10 it loads much faster and the model runs faster. I had a lot of positive feedback and I hope I’ve helped a few people (except Telstra’s exec bonuses, somehow I think I’ll get a call from them, yikes!)

The app has also been updated to reflect recent changes in Optus’ plans, including the unsurprising dropping of its most expensive plans in the wake of its better-value Timeless options. [Australian iPhone Plan Comparison Calculator]

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