iPhone 2.0.2 Update May Reduce Typing Lag, Connectivity Problems

Apple releases their second iPhone 2.0 software update through iTunes today. The release notes only say it includes only “bug fixes” (any fixes at this point are welcome, but faster typing and better connectivity are the high hopes), and AppleInsider reports no new settings appear on your phone. If you install it, be prepared for it to undo your jailbreak. [via]


  • I am on Optus Network in Australia. The update (if anything) has made typing lag worse. WiFi now drops out frequently – not a problem before. switching between “cells” when on a call is better however 3G reception still wildly “up and down”. Has fixed a “squeal” problem which arose when usig 1st time after switching back from SILENT to RING.

  • I’m with Telstra G3 and have installed 2.0.2. I have never Jailbroken or Unlocked the phone with any of the many available options, despite their actractiveness!!! Since the new update I have noticed the typing lag almost totally gone even though it only happened occasionally anyway. As for connectivity Telstra G3 reigns supream. I’ve never had any problems with either cellular or data connectivity. Wi-Fi access is and always has been excellent both at home through my router and at Wi-Fi Hotspots. I love my iPhone and always have. My only beef is the phones lack of Java ability but it’s a tiny price to pay for all the phone’s got going for it.

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