Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is out now

Microsoft has released the second beta of Internet Explorer 8, promising "anyone who browses or works on the web will enjoy IE8 Beta 2." There wasn't anything in the first beta that would make me switch from Firefox 3 for my day-to-day browsing needs, but I'll be curious to see if they've improved on the sluggish performance of that initial build and how the rather obvious AwesomeBar clone plays in practice.


    I must say the developer toolbar seems to actually work, showing CSS changes on the fly (which it never seemed to before for me) and you cans witch between Compatibility mode on the fly also (without having to restart like in Beta 1).

    Never going to switch to IE, but at least developing with it will be a little easier now.

    I can't seem to uninstall IE8, beta. It made my computer crash. If I go to add/remove programs, it tries to install it again and again. Is there something I am missing on how to get rid of IE 8 beta.

    It's very confusing -- you have to uninstall it from the 'View installed updates' section, not add/install programs. More here:

    accually I find IE 8 beta 2 WAYYYYYYYYYY better than beta 1. I been useing beta 2 version for about a week and a half and I realy like it. I have had maybe 1 crash but that was my fault for going to fast. So I do recomend beta 2. Beta 1 was HORID!!

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