Ingredients for Turning Stiff New Sheets Soft

The Sundry Buzz blog's Linda doesn't like to jump onto stiff, scratchy sheets after bringing them home from the shop. After a little net research, she found a seemingly sure-fire way of making them feel like favourites after a first wash. The trick is to use the hottest water, no detergent, lots of fabric softener, and a cup of baking soda during the wash cycle. When they emerged, the sheets were fresh-smelling and "a thousand times softer." There's a few other ideas on there to maximise softness, but let's hear it from you. When you arrive home with brand-new garments or linens that just don't feel right, what's the best way to make them feel like old favourites? Share your old-fashioned or new-fangled secrets in the comments. Photo by bovinity.


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