How to remap a drive letter in Vista

ChangeDriveLetter.jpgUSB drives are an essential backup tool for road warriors, but occasionally Windows Vista tricks you by not assigning them their usual customary drive letter. I regularly use SyncBack, a perennial Lifehacker reader favourite for backup and file syncing, and it doesn't work if drive E: suddenly shows up as drive F:.
Fortunately, you can remap drive assignments in Vista, though it's a well-hidden option. Right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop or start menu, then click Manage (and go through all the User Account Control confirmation malarkey if you have it switched on). Expand Storage at the right, and select Disk Management. Right click and select Change Drive Letter and Paths, then select Change. Choose the letter you want and click OK. You may get an additional warning or two saying the drive letter is unavailable until you reboot, but press on regardless — I've found it nearly always works. If you do have multiple drives or devices plugged in, you might also need to reshuffle the existing mappings to make the one you need available. For a more permanent method of assigning a letter to your USB drive, check out this method for creating shortcuts.


    Hey if you're a sync back user you must try this.

    I had the same problem - I use a couple of portable drives and am constantly replugging drives as i move around with my laptop, and time and time again my drive letters get changed - forcing my syncback profiles to not work. The solution was simple. change the backup path to include a syncback variable:


    This means that it will backup to the drive with the label "COX_HDD" regardless of the drive letter!

    Checkout someother cool variables by doing a search in syncback on 'variables'.

    or, if you've already enabled it on the all programs menu, just hit windows key then type 'com'

    computer management comes up as the first listing...

    cheers guys, this helped me alot. I had 20 gig of music for itunes on my seagate and after removing it then plugging it back in it changed the drive letters and itunes wouldnt copy anything to my ipod. (I hate itunes)

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