How to ditch bullet points from your next presentation

If I had my way, all PowerPoint presentations would be banned as a crime against humanity, but that's not going to happen any time soon. When you are obliged to sit through one, there's nothing worse than an endless sequence of bullet points which the speaker then repeats without elaborating or developing. Microsoft's Office Hours columnist Shellie Tucker offers up a guide to designing presentations that don't rely on an endless sequence of bullet points, making better use of PowerPoint's other design features. Much of it is obvious (keep to a single point on each slide so you have to explain to the audience rather than dictate, for instance), but it's worth referring to next time you have to build a deck. For more PowerPoint strategies, check out our guide to avoiding PowerPoint snags. [Office Hours: PowerPoint without bullets via Inside Office Online]


    It's a bit much to say "all PowerPoint presentations [should] be banned as a crime against humanity".

    The problem isn't PowerPoint itself, or those types of presentations, but the people who use these tools in a poor manner.

    Let's focus on educating people on how to use PowerPoint properly, with a little less negativity towards PowerPoint as a tool.

    When used properly, it can be a fantastic presentation tool.

    Thanks for this post. I too am a beyond bullet points fan and you can see an example of one of my slide sets on slideboom

    Gavin Meikle

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