Google Street View now live in Australia

Street View, Google's useful/controversial feature with drive-by photography of streets in major cities, is now live in Australia after several months of (presumably) tedious filming. Look for an address in Google Maps and if the area has been recorded, click on the Street View button for a panorama of where you're trying to get to, or where you live — this is the new ego search). Google has used reportedly blurring technology to ensure faces aren't visible, though we haven't encountered any examples yet. But despite the honks from privacy advocates, this is a very useful feature when you're trying to find an unfamiliar location — visual cues can really help. [Thanks Andrew S!]


    Great News! It's too bad they didn't use the high res camera like the Tour de France Google Street View shots.

    That is so awesome! So exciting!

    My wife is now giving me grief as the garden needs updating.

    '...and when are you going to paint that gate?' is live with what we think is the first implementation of Google StreetView in Australia.

    How exciting - another chunk of privacy is eroded away with people not only not concerned, but actually embracing it because "I can see my house from here!".
    Baaa Baaaa

    Re: StreetAdvisor

    And the cool thing is that the StreetView API was written by an Australian!

    Wasn't expecting Bendigo to get a guernsey!

    Hey, Mount Garnet FNQ A Pub GS and a PO and we made the cut !

    My street is still not on there. Sydney too!

    all i wanted to do was see my a$^&*&le ex-husband parked outside the S*$k hes shagging!

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