Google expands maps coverage to fill in blanks

It's easy to gain the impression that Google is all-knowing, but in fact there are still significant gaps in its coverage. Netizens looking to find more information on conflict-ridden Georgia soon discovered, for instance, that Google Maps information on the country is pretty much non-existent. As Google Maps product manager Dave Barth explains on the Official Google Blog:

Why doesn't Google Maps show any cities or roads for Georgia, or its neighbors Armenia and Azerbaijan? The answer is we never launched coverage in those countries because we simply weren't satisfied with the map data we had available. We're constantly searching for the best map data we can find, and sometimes will delay launching coverage in a country if we think we can get more comprehensive data.

Google has copped some criticism for this approach (conspiracy theorists would obviously have a field day), and has now decided to shift that approach. "We have started preparing data for the handful of countries that are still blank on Google Maps," Barth wrote. In the meantime, he points out you can get basic information from the more comprehensive but not-in-your browser Google Earth.


    I was far more surprised to see the lack of detail in the google maps of South Korea. Aren't they like, on web 3.0 already?

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