Google adds Suggest to main search site

Google adds Suggest to main search site

You might have already encountered Google Suggest, which offers suggestions for what you might be looking for as you type it, on Google Maps or YouTube. (This isn't the "did you mean" suggestion after the search has performed, but live options in your search dialog). Google has now begun rolling out Google Suggest on its main search page, and promises that it will become more visible to site users over the next week. (No sign of it when I checked on both Google Oz and Google US for me so far, but it's early days.)


  • great… the rolled it out but didn’t bother telling me how to turn the stupid crap off! I don’t want it! I really HATE things that try to tell me what they think I mean. And… what happens when a kid starts a search by typing in some letters than also happen to be the beginning letters of something dirty?

    Google blows!

  • @Gullyborg – I think you’re getting a tad over-excited here.

    Firstly, you don’t have to choose one of the suggestions – personally I find them very useful, and secondly even if you turn adult filtering off (which is on by default) typing in rude/dirty words into the search box doesn’t generate a list of rude suggestions. Google have obviously implemented some kind of rude word filter on their suggestions.

  • Rich, I don’t think Gullyborg is over-excited at all. I have to do research 70% of the day for my job so use Google all the time. This SH*T is [email protected][email protected]!#$!$! For your information, it does indeed bring up a lot of suggestions that are inappropriate. Guess what came up when I started to type “big banks” – think about it. And it is distracting as hell to someone who is uber-focused and on deadline. You seem totally unaware that this isn’t something they did to be helpful but rather gain more ad dollars by directing searchers to paid sites. For the first several days they had removed the box that used to be on Preferences page allowing you to say you DON’T want query suggestions. Apparently after several thousand nasty emails – and I’m proud to say I sent them one of the nastiest – they put the box back in. Unfortunately, your choice is wiped out once you clear history, cookies & delete files as I do daily from my office PC. So I have to remember to go in & check the box AGAIN every morning before I go to Google anything or I get so annoyed I want to hit the screen with my shoe. GOOGLE SUGGEST BLOWS.

  • All the suggestion crap by Google and everyone else is extremely annoying to fast users and an extreme distraction on the screen. Extremely annoying that it’s on by default and keeps coming back, when you clear cookies (done often) when you’re on another person’s computer, when you use a different browser, then you have to over and over and over tell the suggestion CRAP to turn off. Where the hell is the checkbox to tell google and everyone else on the internet that I am a fast user, an advanced user, and I don’t need novice suggestion CRAP. Idiots.

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