Facebook gets more aggressive with new design

Facebook gets more aggressive with new design

FacebookChanges.jpg When I recently posted a note about how to switch off Facebook’s new design if you didn’t like it, one reader commented that it would probably only be a matter of time before the option to switch was taken away. That hasn’t quite happened yet, but Facebook has gotten more aggressive in pushing the new look. When I logged into Facebook after a reboot this afternoon, I was presented yet again with the (to my mind inferior) redesigned site. Clicking on the ‘Back to the old Facebook’ button produced the above warning. Having altered neither profile tabs or bookmarks, I clicked ‘Okay’, but I can’t help wondering if choosing the old design will soon become a requirement every time you log in. Let’s hope not!


  • I think the new design is actually much better. As with anything new it takes a while to get used to but I see a definite advantage, especially as I don’t have to scroll down pages and pages of applications to get to some (messy) people’s walls.

  • I use to think that the new facebook was worse then the old one, but in reality it’s made everyone’s facebook page a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.

  • I loathe the new design. Firstly the font sizes are all different in the feed (maybe it’s just a safari thing). Above all though it has lost its simplicity. I had a reasonably minimalist profile (yes I know there were people with kilometres of crap on their profiles), but it’s now split over several tabs. A step backwards in my view.

    I haven’t yet been forced over to the new version, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time. Is it me or are the feeds shown on the old version less up to date than they used to be? It used to be things that had happened today or in the last few, but I’m now getting “X is now friends with Y” which when you click through actually happened two weeks ago.

  • I find the new design quite excellent, because of the spreading out of apps. Some apps were just a pain to wait for when a profile was loading, but it isn’t a problem now. I also like that the sidebar is gone, because it was taking up space which is now used is a more useful way.

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