Edit My Text provides live editing service

Edit My Text provides live editing service

Word processors might check your spelling and point out obvious grammar problems, but they can’t do much about ambiguity, inappropriate tone or incorrect vocabulary. If you want a real live human to fix up the awkward prose in that assignment or work report, Edit My Text, which offers a pay-as-you-go editing service based in Australia, might fit the bill. Pricing starts at $5.95 to edit 250 words through to $49.95 for a 3000-word piece, with a promised turnaround of 24 hours during the week. We haven’t tested it out ourselves, but Lifehacker reader Sasha says it delivers on what it promises: “Heaps of people who don’t write well would find this a God-send!”


  • I rated them an easy 8/10. Value for money. She was very thorough, and picked my brain to get the direction I’ve wanted my newsletter to go. Proved to be quite versatile. They are definitely in my stable of weekly used resources now.

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