eBay and Webjet team up for hotel comparison site

Lotsofhotels.jpg Sites that let you book cheap local hotel rooms online are hardly a new commodity — in the local market, there's Wotif, Hotelclub, Quickbeds and Check-In (and they're just the ones I can think off without prompting). Apparently that hasn't dissuaded eBay and Webjet from entering the fray with a new and similar offering, lotsofhotels.com.au. On an initial test, there's not much to differentiate the site (other than a scandalously slow search feature), and it doesn't take advantage of two obvious options for this partnership — signing in via your eBay details or making payments via PayPal. As well, the inventory seems much smaller than most of the aforementioned competitors, but for budget-minded travellers, it never hurts to have another comparison option in your bookmarks. [lotsofhotels.com.au]


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