Does the iPhone need Java and Flash?

In the UK, Apple has just been busted by an advertising standards body for claiming that the iPhone offers “all the parts of the Internet”, despite the conspicuous absence of support for widely-used technologies such as Java and Flash. Advertising regulations aside, the Safari browser on the iPhone is a major selling point, but there’s no doubt it doesn’t render everything perfectly. How have you found the iPhone browsing experiences? Do you find yourself cursing the absence of Flash, or is a Wi-Fi screen in your pocket more than ample compensation? Share your thoughts in the comments. (I prefer a browser that more actively reformats for mobile screen sizes rather than relying on a zoom feature, but that’s probably a question of taste.)


  • I belive it could benefit from flash to some degree…. as for java.. I’ve used maybe 2 java apps in…. 10 years perhaps… I do however belive safari on the itouch / iphone is easly the best I’ve ever used for a mobile browser. I’ve tried the other offerings like opera mini and opera for mobile and others.. they are all incredibly slow or just don’t work at all… so I’m quite happy 🙂
    just my humble opinion however.

  • Love Safari on iPhone (apart from the regular crashes). I quite like the zoom function which is snappy and effective, and ultimately gives me the feeling that I am indeed browsing the full-fat version of a website rather than a hobbled mobile site. That said, I am also a big fan of sites tailored specifically for the iPhone – things like ANZ banking – which could be cumbersome if used full size.

  • Flash needed. Too many sites build navigation or content using flash, and annoyingly neglect to perform detection and include a noflash version. To the owners of those sites I say “Please respect your users” and to Apple I say “Please help carry these inconsiderate flash-site operators (just not at the cost of stability)”.

    – Seb

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