DK Finder Does Lightning Fast Desktop Search

DK Finder Does Lightning Fast Desktop Search

Windows only: Free utility DK Finder is a resource-light desktop search application that indexes your hard drive for fast searching. Obviously there are plenty of desktop search applications out there, most notably Google Desktop, but DK Finder sets itself apart with a tiny footprint (around 3MB running, 1MB in the system tray), advanced filtering options, and file operations (like batch copying and moving files). Like any desktop search app, the initial index will take some time. Once DK Finder finishes indexing your drive, it provides nearly instantaneous results. DK Finder is a free download for Windows only.


  • DK Finder in conjunction with LAUNCHY are a great way to get the best features of full index auto search without the bloat and resource hogging of other search apps.

    Mostly LAUNCHY is fine for a quick and dirty search or app launch. I have made it always on top as it has a very small interface and I like it being in my face on the desktop so I remember use it instead of going back to doing search the hard way (old bad habits die hard for an old dog.)

    If I need a more comprehensive search then DK FINDER is great. It has a quite comprehensive interface and yet runs in the background with minimal resources.

    In the past I have used Copernic, Google Desktop, Windows Search, and X1. Copernic was my old favourite of these. X1 is no longer free so for me is not an option and anyway it is the most resource hungry and more suited to a masive corporation than a home user. Copernic, Google and Windows Search while free are IMHO not user friendly enough and slowed down my PC way too much being more of a hindrance than a help.

    IMHO DK Finder is the fastest and least resource hungry COMPREHENSIVE search engine while LAUNCHY is the fastest search with minimum fuss. The two together provide the best of both worlds and they are free. Thanks Lifehacker for introducing me to both these great programs.

    Regards Mark

  • I was amazing when i tried search engine bec. it’s very fast, i never seen this software before. my only comment is there’s no drag and drop file on that software and there are no icon when you search such as mp3. i’m hoping that once you update that software there will be a drag and drop command thank

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