Copy Starbucks recipes at home

StarbucksRecipes.jpgIf you're suffering from Starbucks' recent closure of three-quarters of its Australian stores, then the Ultimate Starbucks Recipe Book free PDF download might help sate your frappuccino urges. Quantities are in US imperial measurements, but for most of the coffee recipes that shouldn't make a major difference. (Sadly, we can't do much about the reduced Wi-Fi footprint those closures also represent.) [Coffee Fair via OzBargain]


    Are you serious? Do any Australians actually drink that stuff??

    LOL Kristi you're right. You can tell that this article was written by an American because I don't know any Aussies who would step foot in a Starbuck's.

    Sorry to disappoint you Michael but I'm entirely Australian -- and a US writer wouldn't have pointed out the use of US measurements! They're not my taste, but I know plenty of people who like those sickly sweet ice drinks (whether from Starbucks or Gloria Jean's).

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