’s Most-Searched Keywords by Bosses’s Most-Searched Keywords by Bosses

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 3,100 hiring managers and found that nearly half of them had caught prospective employees in a definitive lie during the review process. More helpful to the honest job-seekers out there, though, are the terms those managers are scanning for in resumes. Here’s four of the top nine from CareerBuilder:

  • problem-solving and decision-making skills (50 percent)
  • oral and written communications (44 percent)
  • customer service or retention (34 percent)
  • performance and productivity improvement (32 percent)

Of course, other job-seeking portals with different salary and professional markets will have varied results, but it’s helpful to see a few terms that seem to have common pull amongst the hiring. Hit the link for the next five results. Photo by Yeah Im Kenny.

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