CampTune Non-Destructively Resizes Your Boot Camp Partition

CampTune Non-Destructively Resizes Your Boot Camp Partition

Mac OS X only: Free-for-now boot CD CampTune resizes your Boot Camp partition when the size of the Windows installation on your dual-booting Mac bumps against its limits. Without a tool like CampTune, you’d need to entirely reinstall Windows if you wanted to fiddle with the partition size of your secondary OS, making this a very handy app if you’ve underestimated how much space you need for Windows. CampTune is currently free to use, but their web site indicates it’ll cost once it leaves pre-release, so grab it while it’s hot. I haven’t resized my Boot Camp with this, so if you give it a try, let’s hear how it worked for you in the comments. Before you do, though, you may want to back up your BC partition with previously mentioned WinClone.


  • It says this is a linux liveCD; I’d be willing to bet it’s little more than a spiffified version of gparted. Why bother with that when you can get a (always free) gparted liveCD or liveUSB?

  • No go for me. 1part-XP, 2part MacExtended (Journaling turned off for the process), empty space right after that.
    Mac 10.5 will not allow me to do anything (non destructive) with those partition. CampTune bootCD informed me that ‘No suitable Partitions was found’, click to Exit. Gparted will see everything fine but only allows to move or shrink but no enlarge MAC partition.
    Looks like reimaging it to new larger partition may be the only way to go. I was also able to successfully move Mac partition using BootitNG, but no enlarging as well.

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