BigPond ditches DRM for MP3 format

BigPond ditches DRM for MP3 format

Telstra’s BigPond Music arm has started selling music in unprotected MP3 format, making it a much more appealing rival to the iTunes store than when it was a Windows Media-only shop (which blocked any iPod users for starters). All four major labels have signed up for the store, and tracks are available encoded at 256Kbps or (in some cases) 320Kbps. Telstra is currently still selling WMA formats as well, but we’ll be surprised if this lasts too long. Pricing starts at $1.69 for individual tracks (BigPond ISP subscribers get a discount of 12% on individual tracks or 9% on albums, and don’t have downloads counted against their quota). (Thanks Shane G!) [BigPond Music]


  • This is potentially huge if they really can get the catalogue up to 1 million tracks. It’ll be the AU equivalent of the Amazon Download Store, which can only be good for competition. Slick as the iTunes Store is, there just isn’t enough DRM-free music available in the store.

  • I just bought 3 singles for my wife. Using firefox on Ubuntu Linux. It worked like a charm. I admit I never thought Telstra were capable of this sort of wisdom, I stand corrected. Well done.

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