Battle of the Media Collection Managers

Battle of the Media Collection Managers

When you’ve accumulated shelves full of DVDs and you want to track what’s what—and which one you’ve loaned out to your pals and how long ago—a media collection manager is just the ticket. There are dozens of free to commercial desktop solutions for cataloging your DVD collection, and we’ve touched on just a few in the last few months on these pages. Which one have you chosen to track your beloved shelf of DVDs? After the jump, vote for your favourite media collection manager software. Photo by clipeuh94.

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Got any tips or tricks for keeping your movie collection organised and under control? Let us know in the comments.


  • I’ve started using, which in theory works with my CueCat barcode scanner, and is web-based so I can share it with other people. It would be perfect, except that it only searches a US and a UK database, so inputting Region 4 edition DVDs is a bit of a problem. (I’ve given up on total accuracy for now and just choose the closest Region 1 or 2 match suggested from a text search of the title.)

    @JamesK – fair call on the people who really do hoard junk, but my partner and I love film and use our substantial collection as a library to host movie nights for friends and family, as well as a bit of lending library to share our favourite films with others. For those of us who are into film and home theater, media collection management very much worth discussing.

  • pure lack of a extensive Region 4 barcode library makes indexing any DVD collection via any barcode input software defunct.
    DB Hifi has the closest thing to a searchable index, but falls short quite often.

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