AtomKeep Syncs Your Social Network Profiles

Seems like every other week you're signing up for another social networking site and filling out another user profile with the same old information; webapp AtomKeep is out to save you the the time and hassle. AtomKeep manages and syncs your user information across 23 social media applications (including Facebook, Digg, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, YouTube, Yelp, and Ning, just to name a few). AtomKeep sets your user profile information to default settings you specify. This means you you don't have to navigate to your old Digg profile to see what to put in your Twitter biography. AtomKeep doesn't store your password on-site—they say they only use it to synchronise your data. If you want to keep your social networking profiles consistent across sites, AtomKeep makes that process simple.


    Looks nifty. But why would you use this service when you can use OpenID?

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