WorldPurchases gives global access to US stores

It's a familiar problem: you spot an item you want in an online store, and then discover that it won't deliver to a non-US address or without a US credit card. WorldPurchases offers itself as an intermediary, allowing you to order from multiple US retailers. Pretty much every major online store is covered (though sadly no eBay). The service charge is 5% of your total order and shipping from the US, but that still might work out cheaper than buying locally for some items (especially if you take advantage of services like Amazon's Super Saver Shipping to minimise postage). If you've used WorldPurchases or a similar service, let us know how it went in the comments. (Thanks Tony!) [WorldPurchases]


    I use because you can claim coupons via them, plus for a small fee you can buy warranty returns insurance which saves you the cost of paying returns postage.

    Also, they are based in Bendigo so you are dealing with an Australian company.

    I use they will tell me on their website what is waiting in my mailbox. I can then choose what to forward, ask them to combine multiple items into one package and best of all to produce a trade invoice showing the values I decide.

    It doesn't get you over the problem of needing a US credit card though - but I have one of those. Its just great for the forwarding side of things.

    I have not used WorldPurchases, however I have used a similar service called vPOSTASIA that is operated by Singapore Post.

    My first shipment of a device

    Despite about three emails to customer support, I received not a single reply about the problem.

    Everything points to the fact that someone in the vPOSTASIA warehouse in the US has tampered with the computer system and my goods have been stolen by an insider.

    Basically, it appears impossible to recover items under such an a scenario.

    I would therefore caution anyone using such services - TAKE CARE!

    I've also used PriceUSA. It's a very good service.

    +1 for priceusa

    Check out the Whirlpool thread.

    Holy crap that image is huge. Came through full size in my RSS reader too. I actually thought it was an ad.

    Oops! Got published in non-thumbnail form for some reason. Apologies to everyone, it's fixed now.

    I've used they are so great and helpful and they have great rates too!

    Another option is using a mail forwarding service with the Personal Shopper option (usually around 10% fee)

    I have used in the past to make purchases with their US credit card and then to consolidate and forward to the UK

    I use
    I found their shipping rates to be better than the other mail forwarding services. What I really like about their service, is they allow me to pay with my Paypal account, and in addition to all of the major carriers like UPS, Fedex, and DHL, they allow me to ship via the US Postal Service, which often saves me on customs fees

    I actually recommend at who offers the lowest shipping rates according to the shipping calculators on all these sites.

    Their Package forwarding service and Concierge Service are both FREE.

    They have the biggest Pesronal shopper service on Ebay in the US.

    I always use them to shop from ebay or other sites when the seller doesn’t ship outside the US.

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