Why Jailbreaking Your iPhone is Still Worth It

Our brothers in gadgetry Gizmodo make the case for why jailbreaking your iPhone is worth it even with the App Store. Here’s why we still need the iPhone app black market.


  • Ummm … I heard it voids your warranty — there’s enough apps out there are present. Jailbreak apps just have to tow the line and get on the AppStore.

  • Good on ya Daybringer … what a load of shit.

    1) Blow lots of money $300 is alot of money. I paid $729 AU and got a $400 phone credit, that makes it damn cheap compared to say a Nokia N95 which is $1300.
    2) Looks good even when it’s not jailbroken
    3+4) yeh that’s a good comeback.

    Stupid post from stupid people.

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