Westpac gives away free security software


Banks offering security software is not exactly a new development, but Westpac’s arrangement has an interesting twist: customers can download a free copy of PC Tools’ anti-malware, firewall and privacy protection packages. There doesn’t seem to be any validation process to confirm if you’re a Westpac customer or not, so in effect anyone can get a free copy of these programs. If you’re looking for other free security software options, check out our five top antivirus packages.
[Westpac via OzBargain]


  • It’s a start, but they are better off paying some web developers to fix the login screen. Introducing the ‘mouse click keyboard’ was a joke given that it is the same layout every time. And why haven’t they introduced the physical pass code generators like other banks have? The free software is a publicity stunt given all the reports lately of how insecure the banks online systems are and they are better off fixing those first.

  • I was just about to finallay take the plunge and move to AVG 8 from the trusty, brilliant, AVG 7.5 when I saw this! I thought I may as well give it a try and if I dont like it can then go to AVG 8. As you said there does not seem to be any restrictions on downloading it and resistering, even though I am a customer at no time did it prompt for actual proof of this. So far so good.

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