Virgin getting added to iPhone choice list

We’ll hold off on analysing the prices until the official announcement, but Nick over at Gizmodo has confirmed that Virgin will be selling the iPhone, probably this week, and probably at a price somewhat lower than Optus (which supplied Virgin’s network). At the risk of saying “I told you so”, both this development and Optus’ recent Timeless plans confirm Lifehacker’s long-held view that buying an iPhone as soon as it got released was likely to lead to a less than optimal deal. (And that’s without considering the battery and MobileMe issues.)


  • As of 12.06AM 01/08/08 the virgin mobile website ( is NOW SELLING the iPhone 3G in all capacities with either a:

    $70/month (free 8gb iPhone OR +$4/month 16gb iPhone: $520 credit + 1GB data) or

    $100/month (free 8gb OR free 16gb iPhone: $520 credit + 5GB data… YES 5GB! beat that telstra stinges)

    So as predicted, the rumours are completely proven! These plans are cheaper than whats been offered by vodafone and optus (even though virgin is owned by optus), and RIDICULOUSLY cheaper than anything telstra has to offer.

    Sadly I waited up all night constantly refreshing safari as soon as the clock hit midnight. Even sadder is that as I am already with virgin mobile, I will have to wait until 8am tomorrow morning to ring virgin to sort out upgrading my handset (samsung u700 that came with the cap plan, but purchased the 1st gen iphone from US unlocked).

    Finally glad to see a semi-reasonable iPhone plan for australia, though hardly anything to compete with overseas telcos plan deals, but it’s at least a start.

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