Turn Your Nintendo DS into a Translation Dictionary

Turn Your Nintendo DS into a Translation Dictionary

The Street Static weblog provides a detailed step-by-step tutorial for turning your Nintendo DS into a portable translation dictionary. The process requires a free DS application called NewDictS, then takes advantage of previously mentioned StarDict’s open-source dictionaries. When you’re done, your Nintendo DS can translate and define English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, and more. We don’t have a DS at Lifehacker HQ, so let’s hear how it works for you if you give NewDictS a run.


  • I’ve been trying to get this work, but I’m having a lot of problems. I can manage to load up the program, but it doesn’t seem to work, and only displays a couple of chinese characters surrounding the word “idx”

  • There are a whole LOT of fantastic homebrew apps for the DS.

    And this one works fantastically as well, I installed it a few months back (with very little issue).. and have been referring to it as I check through various Czech things – I imagine it will be incredibly handy once I’ve moved there, in like, 3 weeks.

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