The cost of downgrading from Vista to XP

As we've previously mentioned, as of June 30 Microsoft is no longer be selling boxed copies of Windows XP or allowing manufacturers to install it directly (although some white-box vendors are immune). If you want to stick with XP, you'll need to purchase a machine running Vista Business and then get a downgrade licence to revert to XP.
Fran Foo at AustralianIT rang around local vendors to find out how much such a downgrade would cost. Pricing ranged from nothing (for HP models) to $83 to get an XP CD from Lenovo. If you decide to stick with Vista instead, check out our Vista hub for tips on how to make the most of Vista.
Local vendors gear for Vista downgrade [AustralianIT]


    Why would someone want to pay extra to use an 8 year old OS that's no longer in development ? CRAZY...

    Vista haters who have never used Vista and Apple' "we've got nothing good to say about our OWN products" have campaigned well to sway the minds of ignorant computer purchasers who will be goaded into spending good money on an ancient tired looking, feature lacking, OS that will soon be less and less useful as new technologies drag the world forward and leave these poor people behind.

    Purchase a machine running Vista Business and then get a downgrade licence to revert to XP? What are you, an idiot? Buy a computer with no OS installed and install whatever you like. Why pay for Vista just to install XP instead? In fact, why buy a prebuilt computer at all when you can pay pretty much any computer shop to build you a computer for cheaper and get exactly what you want and not have to worry about this "Vista is mandatory" crap?

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